Saturday, July 3, 2010

MCCA Dinner

The Montgomery County Cancer Association (MCCA) held their largest fundraising dinner to date this year! On June 26th, 2010, over 400 people came together to celebrate survivor-ship, remember our loved ones with memorials, and raise funds for cancer research.
I was honored to share Live ... Learn ... Survive to MCCA! I had the opportunity to share our mission with many individuals and we were excited to be part of the silent auction too!
Spending this evening with my family, especially my mom, was beyond words. It was an evening that will be in a special place in my heart and mind forever! Celebrating the strength of those individuals whose lives have been forever changed by cancer was a soul-shaping experience.

The evening was marked by the Survivor Ceremony. Each cancer survivor present received a special shirt and rose during the evening. There are very few times in my life that I have been left speechless, but this was truly one of those rare moments. Watching my mom and Aunt Sandy receive their roses brought me to tears of sadness for their diagnosis, joy for their will to fight, and hope for cures for these horrible diseases.
Pictured above: My mother receives her survivor rose.

Mom and Aunt Sandy (aka Aunt Turkey) find strength in each other. Aunt Turkey is a survivor of breast cancer and mom continues her fight with leukemia.

A HUGE thanks to Aunt Shelley for her work with MCCA! She is pictured hear with Aunt Turkey and mom.
Live every day to it's fullest ... Learn to make a difference with passion ... Survive with grace and diligence!

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