Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mission Day Iowa

Mission Day Iowa 2010 was such an honor to be a part of. On February 17th, Ryan and I traveled to our state capitol in Des Moines to urge our state legislatures and representatives to vote "yes" to a bill that mandates private insurances to cover routine health care costs even while on clinical trials for cancer. The day was a HUGE success! After 3 years of hard work and collaboration with a variety of additional groups including The America Cancer Society, the bill passed unanimously!
As you can imagine this bill means more to me than words can express. As many of you know, my family history is decorated with multiple forms of cancer and my mom's constant strong fight against CML has illustrated the importance of clinical trials.
A HUGE thanks to all who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality!

Pictured above and below with Iowa State Senator Beall. Senator Beall gave me an Iowa pin and named me "Honorary Senator For The Day" ... thanks so much for the warm welcome!
Pictured below with Iowa Representative Tyler Olson on the Iowa House of Representatives Floor. Tyler and Ryan grew up in Cedar Rapids together and both shared a love of swimming. A special thanks to Tyler for believing in this bill from it's origin!

Pictured below with volunteers from LLS and Iowa State Senator
Larry Noble on the Senate Floor.

Pictutred below with Iowa State Senator
Randy Feenstra on the Senate Floor.
Pictured below at The State Historical Museum. I love the quote on this mural ... "More than just pigs and corn!"

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