Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fight Like A Girl

On May 1st, we celebrated the fight against breast cancer at a wonderful boutique "It's All About Me" in Ames, IA. Many have heard of the slogan, "Fight Like a Girl" ... it found it's origin in Ames. Several of "Iowa's Royalty" gathered to "Signify Pink" by participating in a fundraiser organized by Fight Like A Girl and Michelle Berndt (Mrs. Iowa US Beauties).
This cause is near and dear to my heart! My aunt and grandmother have both fought breast cancer. Aunt Sandy is such a trooper and has been cancer free for nearly 20 years. My grandmother had radiation treatment for her breast cancer. We now are aware that it may have been the start behind her diagnosis of myelosplastic anemia or pre-leukemia. Grandma "O" fought this anemia for nearly 10 years. She has left an impression on more lives than she ever knew ... Love you Grandma "O"!!

Pictured below: I "Fight Like A Girl!"

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  1. We are having our relay for life on June 18th-19th. I would LOVE to have this. I am fighting breast cancer for the 3rd time...I am also a photograper. This would be a great thing to use that night. How do I get one? Our team is called the KNOCK-OUTS...we are using the whole boxing theme. We also plan to have a boxing ring built for the fun event.