Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mrs. IA/MN/WI America 2010

Mrs. IA/MN/WI 2010 was held in St. Paul, MN on June 5th, 2010. Ryan and I had an amazing evening cheering on all of the lovely contestants, but two special ladies had our hearts. Valarie Whitehead (Mrs. IA International 2009) was competing for the title of Mrs. IA America and stole the crown! What an honor to watch the wonderful woman who has been an inspiration to me as Mrs. IA International 2010 grace the stage with grace and elegance! Breanna Luderman was competing for the title of Mrs. MN America and won the judeges hearts just as she won mine one year ago! Breanna, I am so proud of you and feel blessed to call you my friend!
Pictured below: Ryan graciously posed for a picture with me at the "After-Party" ... Love ya Ry!!
Pictured below: Ron and Ryan celebrate their "titles" as Mr. Iowa America 2010 and Mr. Iowa International 2010. Val and I have great support don't we?!

Congratulations Valarie Whitehead, Mrs. Iowa America 2010! You look stunning!!

Congratulations to Breanna Luderman, Mrs. Minnesota America 2010! You couldn't be more beautiful inside and out!

Pictured below: My fellow pageant sister, Susie Overvold Mrs. MN International 2010. We are looking forward to Chicago ... it's right around the corner!

Pictured below: Ryan and Leslie Scheu are always there to "hold our goodies" ... thanks you two! What would Jessica and I do without you two?!

Pictured below: Ryan poses with Miss Teen MN International 2009, Jessica Scheu. We have really enjoyed getting to know you Jessica and wish you all the best!

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